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The WestConnex M8, and the broader WestConnex motorway network, will change the way Sydney gets around for ever.


When will WestConnex M8 open?

WestConnex M8 will open in the coming weeks. We are currently in the final stages of commissioning (testing), with around 1,000 workers completing these activities, where we check all safety and technology systems to make sure everything is working for motorists from day one

What is the WestConnex M8?

WestConnex M8 includes:

  • 9km twin tunnels from Kingsgrove to St Peters
  • A new interchange at St Peters with connections to Euston Road, Campbell Road and Gardeners Road
  • Future connections to the M4-M5 Link (M8), the M6 and Sydney Gateway

In addition, the project includes the introduction of tolling onto the existing M5 East

What are the traffic benefits of the project?

  • WestConnex M8 will effectively double capacity of the M5 East
  • Motorists are expected to save around 30 minutes from Liverpool to the Southern CBD
  • Traffic benefits will be increased as future projects come on line, including Sydney Gateway and the M4-M5 Link (2023)

Tunnel facts:

  • Twin, 9km long tunnels
  • Capacity for three lanes each way (opening with line markings for two)
  • Deepest point 70m underground (top of tunnels)
  • Average depth 40m
  • Clearance 5.1m (compared to 4.4-4.6m in older Sydney tunnels including M5 East)

What technology and safety measures are in the tunnels?

  • 7,400 lights including around 5,000 LED lights
  • More than 2,500 signs
  • More than 850 CCTV cameras and 24/7 monitoring
  • Stationary vehicle detection systems
  • Dedicated incident response teams

What will the entry and exit points be at opening?

  • Motorists can enter WestConnex M8 at the western end from the ‘M5 South West corridor’ at Kingsgrove. Motorists can also enter the WestConnex M8 via the St Peters Interchange from Euston Road, Campbell Road and Gardeners Road

Why is WestConnex M8 being renamed the WestConnex M8?

To align with NSW motorway naming conventions, to differentiate the motorway from the M5 and M5 East and to make it easier for motorists to navigate the network

How does this project fit in the broader context of WestConnex?

  • WestConnex M8 and the implementation of tolling on the M5 East make up Stage 2 of WestConnex
  • Stage 1, the New M4 Tunnels from Homebush to Haberfield, opened in July 2019
  • Since then, the complete New M4 (including the Widened M4 from Homebush to Parramatta) is:
    • Used by around 160,000 vehicles a day
    • Saving motorists around 35 minutes (westbound) and 15 minutes (eastbound) during peak hours
  • Stage 3 is made up of two projects, the M4-M5 Link Tunnels (Stage 3A) and the Rozelle Interchange and Iron Cove Link (Stage 3B). Stage 3A is being delivered by WestConnex, Stage 3B is being delivered by the NSW Both are scheduled for completion in 2023
  • WestConnex M8 will connect to future projects Stage 3A and Sydney Gateway at St Peters
  • WestConnex M8 also includes tunnel stubs that will link to the M6

How does St Peters Interchange work?

  • St Peters Interchange features 9 bridges including two new Alexandra Canal crossings
  • Most of these will be used as future projects come online, including links to Sydney Gateway and the M4-M5 Link Tunnels
  • On opening motorists will use the entry/exit to WestConnex M8 via Euston Road/Campbell Road and a new bridge at Gardeners Road
  • At their highest point, the bridge structures in St Peters Interchange are at the same height as the Princes Highway
  • St Peters Interchange was built on one of Sydney’s most polluted sites, a former landfill, following a comprehensive remediation program. Using this large urban infill site meant less properties needed to be acquired. The site includes 6ha of accessible open space

Is construction finished at St Peters Interchange?

  • Construction will continue at St Peters Interchange on the M4-M5 Link project and Sydney Gateway
  • When these projects are complete in 2023 an additional 2.5ha of open space will be returned to the community

How many cars are expected to use WestConnex M8?

  • Around 30,000 vehicles are expected to use the WestConnex M8 and 80,000 vehicles are expected to use the M5 East in 2021 (according to the M8 EIS)

What will the speed limit for the WestConnex M8 be?

WestConnex M8 includes:

  • 80km/h in mainline tunnels and 60km/h on ramps (consistent with all Sydney tunnel speed limits)

Will there be speed cameras and who will operate them?

  • The tunnels will include speed cameras. The NSW Government is responsible for operation and enforcement of the speed cameras

How long will a trip on WestConnex M8 take?

  • The estimated travel time is around 7 minutes. This calculation is based on motorists travelling for 9km at 80km/h
  • This estimate does not factor in any queuing at surface connections, congestion or variations to in-tunnel speed limits (ie in the event of a tunnel incident)

What will the tolls be on the WestConnex M8?

  • WestConnex tolls are distance based
  • The toll for the WestConnex M8 will be $6.95. This is a minimum and maximum as there are only single entry and exit points
  • Tolls on the existing M5 East will range from $3.04 minimum and $6.95 maximum
  • Calculate your toll using our Sydney future toll calculator

How does tolling work on WestConnex?

  • WestConnex has capped, distance-based tolling, with costs reflecting the distance travelled
  • When the WestConnex network is complete the toll will be capped at $9.68 (2020$) after about 16km

Why is there going to be a toll on the M5 East?

  • Motorists on the M5 East will experience significant improvements in travel times and experience as a result of the opening of WestConnex M8 and the toll reflects this

Which bridges will be tolled around St Peters Interchange?

  • The new Gardeners Road bridge leads directly to WestConnex M8 and will be tolled
  • The new Campbell Road bridge is part of the local road network and will not be tolled

Where are the WestConnex M8 ventilation facilities?

  • Ventilation facilities are located at the tunnel entry/exit point at Kingsgrove, at the midway tunnel point at Arncliffe and at St Peters Interchange

How will air quality be monitored in WestConnex M8?

  • Air quality monitoring is conducted pre and post opening to measure impacts on local air quality
  • Eight air quality monitoring stations have been collecting data since late 2018 at various locations along the project corridor. This in line with Conditions of Approval set by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the EPA
  • Following opening air quality data will be published on the Linkt website

What is Canal to Creek?

  • Canal to Creek is the WestConnex M8 Public Art program
  • The program name references the waterways that connect the art sites, Alexandra Canal to the east and Wolli Creek to the west
  • It features 18 new public artworks installed in new and existing parklands around the WestConnex M8 corridor, with sculptures, artist designed playgrounds, a writer’s walk, murals and lighting installations
  • Canal to Creek is being delivered in partnership with Cultural Capital, a Newtown-based arts curatorial company

What is being delivered in addition to the tunnel and local road infrastructure and public art program?

  • The WestConnex M8 includes a significant investment in open space. This includes:
    • 6ha of open space at St Peters Interchange, a remediated landfill site
    • Around 900,000 trees, plants and shrubs, a net increase
    • Upgrades to existing parks in St Peters and Kingsgrove

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